Funeral Bond

Sureplan’s funeral bond is called Sureplan Gold and it is a conservatively managed bond that is an ideal way with which to put aside funds for your funeral expense. You can either invest a lump sum, or save using regular deposits from as little as $50 per month. Therefore it is an ideal funeral saving plan.

With Sureplan Gold you are not locked into a contract to pay monthly funeral insurance premiums. You choose how much you wish to pay and you are free to change your saving program at any time. And crucially, as you do not have to make compulsory payments (as with funeral insurance plans) you cannot lose your money if you fall into arrears - your money will always be there for your family. But please note, as Sureplan Gold is a funeral bond, you will be unable to access your funds after the 30 day "cooling off" period.

Sureplan Gold has some important benefits over traditional savings and investment funds

Pension Maximisation

You can contribute up to $13,000 (as at 1/7/2018) without it being subject to the Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs Income and Assets Test – this is very relevant for self-funded retirees who are either receiving a part pension or who are just outside the pension entitlement threshold. For more information, click on the link below;

Reducing Aged Care Costs
When entering an aged care facility an investment in Sureplan Gold may reduce your assessable assets and, as a consequence, reduce your accommodation costs. Sureplan recommends you receive independent financial advice prior to making a decision to invest in Sureplan Gold for this purpose.
Sureplan Gold only invests in government bonds, highly rated corporate bonds (senior debt instruments issued by the major Australian corporates and banks) and cash.
Solid, predictable returns
Since its inception in 1998/99 Sureplan Gold has produced an annual return that equalled or bettered inflation for that year. While past performance does not guarantee future results, the investment strategy employed is focussed on delivering returns which equal or exceed CPI, with minimum risk.
Taxation Minimisation
Any bonuses credited to your Sureplan Gold bond will not be required to be included as income for taxation purposes. Unless you assign your Sureplan Gold bond to a funeral director or cemetery/crematorium business bonuses paid as part of your funeral benefit will be subject to tax in your estate.
Low Fees
Sureplan Gold has no entry, contribution or exit fees. However, if you die within 12 months of commencing your account any bonuses credited will be reversed.
Easy and Speedy Claims
Sureplan guarantees to pay the funeral benefit within 1 working day of receiving verification of your death from an independent source.

Recent Returns for Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond

Year Sureplan Gold Return Annual CPI (Inflation)
2008/09 5.50% p.a. 1.50%
2009/10 4.70% p.a. 3.10%
2010/11 4.70% p.a. 3.60%
2011/12 4.80% p.a. 1.20%
2012/13 3.50% p.a. 2.40%
2013/14 3.00% p.a. 3.00%
2014/15 2.00% p.a. 1.50%
2015/16 1.50% p.a. 1.00%
2016/17 2.06% p.a. 1.90%
2017/18 2.10% p.a. 2.10%
Sureplan Gold Bonus Rate

To invest in our Funeral Bonds, either fill in the following enquiry form or download the Sureplan Gold Application Form, or free call 1800 817 105 during normal working hours.

We also have a funeral insurance product - our Sureplan Family Fund - which has low fixed premiums that are payable only until age 60, even though cover is for life.

If you’re preplanning your funeral and are looking to see what cost effective options are available then please call us on free call 1800 817 105.


The simple answer is convenience. When a member dies, we simply need to be advised of their death together with the name of the funeral director being used, and we will organise for the claim to be processed without the family needing to complete any paperwork. There are also other advantages for using Sureplan Gold for your funeral preplanning or prepaid funeral plans, including:

  1. The returns are normally higher than what you could expect with an at call bank account (See Recent Returns)
  2. The amount deposited and accumulated interest (bonuses) can be exempt from the Income and Assets Test for Centrelink and DVA pensioners
  3. The annual interest (bonus) credited to your funeral bond is not subject to taxation in your hands
  4. As claims are paid within 24 hours of the confirmation of your death for Sureplan Gold, your family can commence with funeral planning arrangements immediately.

Simply download the Sureplan Gold Application and, if a Queensland resident, a Client Care Statement from the Forms Page. Alternatively, call 1800 817 105 and we will post you the necessary documentation.


No. After the cooling off period the benefit is only payable upon the death of the member.


Anyone can join. There are no health conditions applicable to Sureplan Gold. However, if you are under 56 and in reasonable health you may like to consider joining Sureplan Family Fund, our funeral insurance fund.


There is no maximum contribution amount or number of funeral bonds that a member can use for their funeral cover. However for Centrelink and Veterans' Affairs pensioners to qualify for an exemption under the Incomes and Assets Test, your contribution to a funeral bond is subject to a Government threshold (see Pension Advantages for explanation) and you cannot have more than two funeral funding arrangements. Also, for tax purposes, the money contributed to all funeral funding arrangements must not exceed the amount that would reasonably cover a member's future funeral expenses.


Yes, Sureplan has a successful history since 1935 of managing funeral funds. Sureplan Gold is a secure fund focussed on the preservation of members' funds and Sureplan's investment activities are regulated by the Corporations Act and the Life Insurance Act - protection is provided by the conservative nature of the authorised investments and the continuous solvency requirements maintained in accordance with the Life Insurance Act and Prudential Standards.


None as an individual but the Fund pays a monthly Management Fee (maximum of 2% p.a. of the balance of the Fund) to the Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd General Fund to cover operating and administration costs. No fees come directly out of members' contributions.


Stamp duty may apply to your initial contribution and any subsequent contributions, or on assignment of your policy. The rate of stamp duty payable varies from State to State, and if payable, will be deducted from your contribution/s.


Someone, ideally the nominee, needs to ring our office on 1800 817 105 to advise of your death. Sureplan requires independent evidence of your death from a third party (e.g. the Funeral Director). The Society reserves the right to sight a death certificate before paying the benefit.


Investment income earned by Sureplan on your investment in the Fund will be subject to tax in the hands of Sureplan, but when investment income is paid to nominees Sureplan may receive a tax deduction for that amount. This will mean that benefits paid by Sureplan may be effectively at their gross (or untaxed) value. The Board may declare a terminal bonus, based on taxable growth, payable in respect of claims paid in the twelve months following the annual 30 June actuarial valuation.

The investment income or bonuses component of benefits received will be subject to tax in the hands of your estate in the year in which they are paid. Whether any actual tax is payable will depend on your estate's tax position in that year. Note though that the 'capital' component of benefits paid is simply a tax-free return of capital.

It is recommended that appropriate and independent professional advice be sought to determine how tax laws may affect your individual circumstances, mindful that these laws may change from time to time.


Under Australia's current Goods and Services Tax (GST) rules your contribution/s, investment earnings and benefit payments do not attract GST.


Yes, in accordance with the Fund rules. Please contact Sureplan Friendly Society Ltd for more information.

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