Funeral Preplanning

Once you have decided on funeral preplanning, it is important to put aside funds to cover the cost. Both our insurance service (Sureplan Family Fund) and our bond service(Sureplan Gold) provide flexible options to cover funeral expenses.

At Sureplan, we want our members to rest easy, knowing that all their funeral plans are taken care of with an affordable, professional and secure fund. Most of us plan ahead - we plan for holidays, marriages, the future education of our children, and for retirement. Dying is as much a part of life as being born, but most of us avoid funeral planning and the topic of a prepaid funeral plan or death cover. Why? Because leaving loved ones behind is not a topic most of us like to think about, let alone verbalise the need for death insurance and funeral preplanning.

By avoiding the discussion to protect the feelings of your loved ones, you’re potentially doing the exact opposite. Either by simply putting some basic funeral preplanning arrangements in place, or organising formal prepaid funeral plans, you will not only provide peace of mind for those left behind, but financial security, too.

To view the options available from Sureplan, including funeral insurance and bonds, visit our Products Page.

Funeral Insurance:

For specialised funeral preplanning cover, we offer insurance for members under 56 years. The Family Fund funeral insurance from Sureplan includes:

  • Fixed, low Premiums
  • Payment until 60 years of age
  • Coverage for life
  • Payout within 24 hours

Funeral Bonds:

For members over 55 years, we offer a safe prepaid funeral plan through a secure bonds service. Sureplan Gold funeral bonds service includes:

  • Financial security and sound growth with AA rated investments
  • Flexibility of contributions
  • Payment of claims within 24 hours

For more information on Sureplan’s funeral insurance and bond free call 1800 817 105 today.