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* With Sureplan Family Fund your premium is fixed (it never increases) and is payable only until age 60, even though cover is for your lifetime.

Sureplan's funeral insurance plan is called Sureplan Family Fund and it is the only plan especially designed for the Under 56s. What does this mean for you?

Firstly, as Sureplan Family Fund is not covering high risk members (medical conditions apply) the total cost of death cover is less - usually a lot less than what you will pay with other funeral insurance plans. This is because:

  •  Even though cover is provided for life premiums are only payable until age 60
  •  Premiums are fixed and do not increase

With our funeral policy, you obtain lifetime cover and the premium is guaranteed to never increase and premiums payments cease after your 60th birthday. The total cost of your funeral insurance premiums will be a fraction of your funeral cover amount, just use our calculator to see for yourself.

Obtaining cover at a younger age with Sureplan Family Fund can save you thousands of dollars in premiums.

If you’re 56 years of age or over and preplanning your funeral and investigating what insurance policy options are available, then please instead consider our funeral bonds – Sureplan Gold - which are a much cost effective option.

Security for your family: a lump sum payout when it's needed most

When you die the cost of your funeral will place an immediate financial burden on your family. As Sureplan has been managing funeral insurance since 1935 we understand that the prompt payment of claims eases this financial stress - therefore we guarantee to pay your nominee within 24 hours (one working day) of receiving independent verification of your death. This means your family will be able to make arrangements with confidence.

Remember superannuation and standard life insurance play their role, but in many cases a claim payout can be delayed for many weeks until a death certificate is issued and probate is granted. Therefore, if you rely on superannuation and/or standard life insurance to pay for your funeral expenses instead of funeral insurance, then someone else (normally a family member) may have to pay upfront and wait to be repaid out of your estate.

How does Sureplan Family Fund Funeral Insurance work?

Sureplan Family Fund is a life insurance product that provides (on your death) a benefit to be applied to the cost of your service. Anyone between the ages of one and 55 can apply for membership.

With the commencement of a Sureplan Family Fund policy you will be immediately covered for a funeral benefit that is payable upon your death. Funeral insurance premiums, preferably made by direct debit, can be paid monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually. To see what funeral insurance cover you can obtain, the associated premium payable and the total cost of your policy, use our online calculator.

Benefits of Sureplan Family Fund Membership include:

Full cover - you are insured for accidental death and death from natural causes immediately, however you will not be covered for death by suicide within the first 24 months of membership.

Immediate cover - we will pay your nominee (on behalf of your estate) the benefit you have selected within 24 hours of confirming the details of your death through an independent source, even if it is the day your membership is accepted.

Lifetime cover (but pay only to 60) - even though you are only required to pay premiums until age 60 you are covered for the duration of your lifetime.

No premium increases - the amount of your premium payable will not change through the term of the policy. At the time of joining you know exactly how much you will pay and when it will be fully paid.

No hidden funeral insurance costs in your policy - there are no entry or exit fees.

Simple Application Process

Applying for Sureplan funeral insurance is simple. It is a matter of completing and forwarding to Sureplan the one-page Sureplan Family Fund application form and direct debit form. You can pay your funeral insurance premiums by direct debit or credit card either monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually. Queensland residents also need to complete a client care statement.

In 1998/99 Sureplan Gold was introduced to provide a funeral saving/investment facility for people over 55 years of age to provide for their funeral expenses.

For more information on our funeral insurance or funeral bond free call 1800 817 105 today.


Yes, applications for funeral insurance can be received from all people between the ages of 1 to 55 years old, this makes funeral plans are easy and can be taken care of early in life. However, each person needs to apply individually. This means that younger members lock in the low premium for their funeral fund until age 60 when payments finish (even though full funeral cover continues for life).


As a member owned funeral death cover provider, we specialise in providing affordable plans. Our funeral insurance plan, Sureplan Family Fund, was designed so that members could fully pay for their funeral fund policy before they finished working. This means that they do not have to worry about finding the money when they are retired and, of course, they pay a lot less than with other death cover providers.


No, your funeral death insurance coverage is for life.


At Sureplan you are covered for death by accident and natural causes immediatly, suicide is not covered for the first 24 months.


Applications to join Sureplan Family Fund are accepted on the basis that, at the time of joining, they are not suffering from an illness that will shorten their normal life expectancy. All medical and health conditions need to be fully disclosed when applying for membership so that a decision can be made as to whether the application will be accepted. Non-disclosure of relevant medical and health information can result in the cancellation of a policy.

Should you be suffering from a medical condition that will shorten your normal life expectancy, or if your application to join Sureplan Family Fund is unsuccessful, you can join Sureplan Gold as there are no medical restrictions for this funeral fund.


Funeral cover commences immediately after your application is accepted by Sureplan.


With Sureplan funeral cover, we give you at least 12 months to make up the missed payments without penalty.


No, as Sureplan Family Fund is a death insurance policy, like any insurance policy, premiums are not refunded.


You simply download the Sureplan Family Fund brochure and, if a Queensland resident, a Client Care Statement from the Forms Page. Alternatively, call 1800 817 105 FREE and we will post you the necessary documentation.


Unlike other funeral insurance providers we do not have a long and complex claims process so your family can quickly commence the funeral planning process. Therefore, all we require is confirmation of your passing from an independent source - this means that in nearly all cases a family member simply notifies us of the contact details of the selected memorial service director and we will do the rest.

We promise to pay the funeral plan benefit within 24 hours of receiving this confirmation.


Superannuation and standard life insurance play their role, but in many cases their funds can be delayed for many weeks until a death certificate is issued and probate is granted. Therefore, if you rely on superannuation and standard life insurance to pay for your funeral expenses then someone else will have to pay upfront.


Yes, applicants are obliged to fully disclose all known medical and health conditions.


If an undisclosed medical condition existed when joining or purchasing additional units, or when death is the result of suicide that occurs within the first 24 months of membership or when a fraudulent condition exists.


An average memorial service can cost between $5,000 and $9,000. You can select the benefit to suit your needs.


No. Sureplan benefits are payable only on the death of a member.


Stamp duty may apply to your policy. The rate of stamp duty varies from state to state, and if payable, may be deducted from your contributions.


Yes - Sureplan Gold is a funeral bond suitable for all people ineligible to join Sureplan Family Fund and Sureplan Body Transportation Funeral Fund is an additional insurance product.

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