Don't Pay $20,000 for a $6,000 payout!

With our funeral insurance fund, Sureplan Funeral Fund, applications are only accepted from people up to the age of 55. However, we do have an option for you which we are confident may prove to be a far more cost effective means for you to put aside funds for your funeral.

For people over the age of 55, funeral insurance can be extremely expensive and, in some cases, the total cost of premiums can be over three times the final funeral benefit. This is because premiums will normally increase each year and are often payable until age 90.

That is why Sureplan recommends Sureplan Gold which is a secure and easy-to-use funeral bond. With Sureplan Gold you can make regular deposits from as little as $50 per month and, once you have saved sufficient money to meet the cost of a funeral, you can cease your contributions as it is likely that the annual bonuses will cover the increased costs of the funeral over time. Upon your death, even if Sureplan Gold has accumulated more than the cost of your memorial service, the full amount will be paid to your nominee.

Therefore, as you will not have to keep paying increasing premiums until you turn 90 years old, you can save literally thousands of dollars in premiums.

Sureplan Gold is a secure investment fund where:

  1. Contribute deposits as either as a lump sum or by regular direct debits
  2. Bonuses based on fund earnings may be added annually
  3. The accumulation of your deposits and the annual bonuses are paid to your nominee at your time of passing.

We guarantee to pay your funeral benefit within one working day of receiving confirmation of your passing. All we require is for someone to advise us of your passing - we do not require submission of complex claim forms.

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