We appreciate that the core business of our partners, whether they are a funeral director, building society, credit union, superannuation or health fund, is not the selling of funeral insurance or funeral bonds. In most cases they choose to partner Sureplan because they believe our products will provide the best value for their members and clients. Therefore we strive to ensure both Sureplan Family Fund (funeral insurance) and Sureplan Gold (funeral bond) are easy to comprehend and use.

With over 75 years experience in operating funeral funds we understand;

  • People need certainty – they want the confidence that the funeral benefit will be available for their family when required,
  • People want reasonable value - many people now are aware of the high cost of some heavily advertised funeral insurance plans (with some the total cost can be over 3 times the funeral benefit payout) or funeral bonds that cannot be relied upon to pay reasonable and consistent returns , and
  • People need to be confident that their family will receive the funeral benefit claim in time.

Sureplan is a specialist funeral fund provider and operates two funds; 1. Sureplan Family Fund, a funeral insurance plan, available for people up to the age of 55 to apply and 2. Sureplan Gold, a secure and reliable funeral bond, which is an excellent vehicle to pre-pay funeral expenses.

Both these Funds are managed in a manner that is appropriate to their risk profile. Sureplan Gold, which is used by many retired people to prepay their funeral expenses, only invests in low volatile “AA” rated fixed interest securities and cash which ensures returns are predictable and reliable. Sureplan Family Fund, with members who have a younger age profile, invests in a broader range of assets appropriate for the longer-term.

Sureplan Family Fund is a unique funeral insurance plan where members obtain lifetime cover but pay fixed premiums only until age 60. As an example the total premium cost for a 40 year applicant is less than 50% of the funeral benefit cover – compare this to the highly-advertised funeral plans!

Sureplan promises to pay funeral benefit claims within 24 hours of receiving independent confirmation of the identity of our member – there are no claim forms required and it is all completed without fuss.


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