Causes of death in Australia

Recently the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released data on the causes of death in Australia for 2017. In total there were 160,909 deaths this year, with 82,858 being males and 78,051 females.

The leading cause of death for females in 2017 was Dementia and Alzheimer disease (11%) while for males it was Coronary Heart Disease (13%). Coronary Heart Disease was also the second leading cause for females (10%) which resulted in it being responsible for 11.5% of deaths in total.

Coronary Heart Disease was the leading cause of death for the 45-64 age group and for people over the age of 75. It was also the second leading cause (after lung cancer) for the 65-74 age group.  Sadly, for younger people aged between 15 and 44, suicide was the leading cause.

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