The two questions to ask before signing up for funeral insurance

When you have selected the amount of cover you wish and obtained the premium payable, ensure to get answers to these questions – if you are unable to obtain these answers then make sure this funeral insurance policy is in your best interests;

  1. Will my premium increase and if so what will it be for each year up until my last year of payment? and;
  2. What will I pay in total premiums?

It is essential you get this information as it is the only way in which you can make a judgement as to the whether the policy is reasonable value or not.  For instance, should the total premiums payable be well more than your amount of cover you may need to look around for a better-value policy.

People can apply to join Sureplan Family Fund, a funeral insurance fund that has helped thousands of Australians since 1935, with the comfort in knowing that premiums are guaranteed to never increase and are only payable until age 60 (even though the cover is for life). The total premiums payable will never be greater than 60% of your amount of cover.