How soon will a funeral insurance claim be paid?

Most funeral insurers will need a written claim form to be completed and some will want to see a copy of a death certificate, while others may also want to obtain a copy of the funeral director’s invoice before paying out a claim.  This can mean that the payment is not received by the family until well after the funeral has taken place and may result in the family having to pay for the funeral themselves and being refunded later from the claim proceeds.

Sureplan Friendly Society has been providing Australians with low-cost funeral insurance since 1935 and understands the importance of paying claims quickly and without fuss.  That is why we guarantee to pay a claim within 1 working day of receiving confirmation of the death of a member.  All we require is to be advised of a member’s death and we will obtain the necessary written confirmation, normally from the funeral director.  This process happens unobtrusively and normally only takes a day or two.