Claiming without fuss with Sureplan funeral insurance

There are many differences between Sureplan’s funeral insurance plan, Sureplan Family Fund (SFF), and most other plans available in Australia.  It is now well known that SFF is the only funeral insurance plan that provides cover for a lifetime, with premiums that are guaranteed to never increase and payable only until age 60.  Another difference with SFF is that the younger you join, the less you will pay in total premiums.  Compare this to some other funeral plans where, as premiums increase annually and are payable to age 90, the total premiums can be 3 or 4 times the amount of cover.  With SFF you will never pay more than 60% of the amount of cover in total premiums, and if you start your policy at a young age, this can be less than 35%. This means you will normally save thousands of dollars in the total cost of a policy, compared to other funeral plans.

As you can only apply for SFF up until age 55 we therefore recommend you start earlier than later.

However, one difference that is often overlooked but is extremely important for your family, is the process to make a claim. With many other funeral plans the claimant needs to complete a claim form, provide a certified copy of either a death certificate or medical cause of death certificate, a certified copy of the deceased’s birth certificate or passport, and a certified copy of the claimant’s identity. All this can days, if not weeks.  Compare this process to what the family need to do to start the claim at Sureplan – all that is required is a phone call advising us as the identity of the deceased, and the name of the funeral director being used. We look after everything from then on – and we guarantee to pay within one working day of receiving confirmation from an independent source such as the funeral director.

Using Sureplan Family Fund will not only save you thousands in premiums, but ensures your family will receive your claim payout immediately and without fuss.